A list of common console commands in CS:GO

17.06.2016, 17:26 Uhr

This is just our list of the most common console commands in CS:GO. If you want them all, visit Tobys list of all CS:GO console commands or this page for a list of some very usefull commands for settings you cannot change in the game menu. Also here is a guide of all commands you could use for practicing throwing grenades.

First off all, how to activate the console. Just go in the CS:GO main menu, choose „Game Settings“ and set „Developer Console“ to „Enable“. Under „Keys“ you have to set a key to activate the console. Standard is the „^“ Key.


Note: For some of these commands you need to activate sv_cheats 1. This wont work on a official server, only offline, on a private localy hosted match or on your private community server.

mp_restartgame 1
Restart the game, value in seconds

Set the roundtime in seconds

Players on Counter-Terrorist site respawn in the same round after they died

Players on Terrorist site respawn in the same round after they died

Turn on/off player collision


sv_cheats 1
Neccessary for the most of this commands.

Shows client (red) and server (blue) bullet impact point (1=both, 2=client-only, 3=server-only)

Yes. Nice for practicing.

Also nice for practicing. Shows a grenades flight path. You can change some settings for the drawn line too, like sv_grenade_trajectory_dash (1 or 0), sv_grenade_trajectory_thickness (0.1 to 1), sv_grenade_trajectory_time (in seconds up to 20 max),

Have fun


cl_draw_only_deathnotices 1
Hide the whole hut and only show kill feed; after map change it is slightly broken, you just have to set it to „0“ and then to „1“ again.


Add bot on random Team

Add bot on Counter-Terrorists

Add bot on Terrorists

Places a bot infront of you


net_graph 1
Shows you your ping, frame rate and some other usefull values

Player can fly around; better use bind "KEY" noclip for fast usage

Just set the game volume fast and easy with the console

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