A list of common console commands in Counter-Strike

23.03.2023, 10:37 Uhr

This is a list of the most used console commands in CS:GO and CS2. I use these for practising or making screenshots for my guides.

For a more complete list visit Tobys list of all CS:GO console commands or this page for a list of some very usefull commands for settings you cannot change in the game menu. Also here is a guide of all commands you could use for practicing throwing grenades.

First off all, how to activate the console. Just go in the CS2 main menu, choose „Game Settings“ and set „Developer Console“ to „Enable“. Under „Keys“ you have to set a key to activate the console. Standard is the „^“ Key. After that, you can now use the Practice mode from the play menu and enable some of the console commands from this list right away by using the options on the left.

Note: For some of these commands you need to activate sv_cheats 1. This wont work on a official server, only offline, on a private localy hosted match or on your private community server.

sv_cheats 1
Neccessary for the most of this commands.


mp_restartgame 1
Restart the game, value in seconds

mp_freezetime 0
Freezetime at round start in seconds

Set the roundtime in seconds (also see mp_roundtime_defuse 60 and mp_roundtime_defuse 60)

mp_roundtime_defuse 60
Set the roundtime in seconds for Defusal Maps

Players on Counter-Terrorist site respawn in the same round after they died

Players on Terrorist site respawn in the same round after they died

mp_autokick 0
No kicking for Teamdamage

mp_autoteambalance 0
No autobalance for CT and T
mp_limitteams 0
I don't know


Turn on/off player collision

mp_buy_anywhere 1
You can use buy menu everywhere

mp_buytime 3600
buy time in seconds

Shows client (red) and server (blue) bullet impact point (1=both, 2=client-only, 3=server-only)

sv_infinite_ammo 2
Infinite ammo and grenades; the 2 instead of 1 is so you can drop grenades you not using

Also nice for practicing. Shows a grenades flight path. You can change some settings for the drawn line too, like sv_grenade_trajectory_dash (1 or 0), sv_grenade_trajectory_thickness (0.1 to 1), sv_grenade_trajectory_time (in seconds up to 20 max)

Show preview where the grenade is landing

You are immortal

bind <key> sv_rethrow_last_grenade
Yes, that one is very usefull for testing your own flashes

bind <key> “ent_fire smokegrenade_projectile kill;ent_fire molotov_projectile kill;stopsound”
New in CS2, removes all smokes and molotows from the map


cl_draw_only_deathnotices 1
Hide the whole hut and only show kill feed

Hide Weapon

cl_drawhud_force_deathnotices -1
Even hide the killfeed


Add bot on random Team

Add bot on Counter-Terrorists

Add bot on Terrorists

Places a bot infront of you

bot_zombie 1
All bots stop doing anything (no moving, shooting)

bot_stop 1
All bots stop, but can still shoot

bot_crouch 1
All bots crouch

bot_mimic 1
All bots copy your moves


net_graph 1
Shows you your ping, frame rate and some other usefull values

Player can fly around; better use bind "KEY" noclip for fast usage

bind <key> "toggle host_timescale 10 1"
Fast Forward (eg to fade a smoke)

Just set the game volume fast and easy with the console

Have fun
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