BF1: A list of all melee wepaons in Battlefield 1

This is a collection of all 46 (!) melee weapons in Battlefield 1, two and a half years after release. I could take 39 Screenshots while 7 Weapons where still locked behind the puzzle pieces or assignments.

I love how many and how different the melee weapons are in Battlefield 1. Everthing started with the Shovel and it continued with the first puzzle-unlocked weapon, the Bartek Bludgeon. The cool kill-animations made me often go and take that one melee kill and die right after that. For this article, I wanted to inspect all of them. And there are still some hidden behind this damn puzzle piece shit. (Btw., I had all the puzzle weapons from the vanilla game and They Shall not Pass after playing 400 hours)

Anyway, when I saw that in Battlefield V the beloved shovel will return and with it some other melees weapons from BF1 (i.e. Kukri, Pickaxe, Scout Knife), I decided to create a list with beautiful screenshots. This was kind of my last action on the battlefield of the world war one before deinstalling and continue on Battlefield V. The results are not only beautiful screenshots, they’re also a collection of maps, vehicles and actions we will all remember …


Everything began with the shovel!

Bartek Bludgeon (Puzzle)

My first unlock with the puzzle pieces. I used it mostly in the first phase until we got more melee wepaons. 640 Kills with it.

Nail Knife (TSNP)

You had to do some tasks to unlock this one. After that I stayed with it only as Sniper, because its so tiny and unexpected like a headshot from a sniper. Kills: 173 (unlocked: 50 kills with the shovel)

Cavalry Lance (ITNOTT)

The Cavalry Lance came with the russian DLC in Summer 2017.

Cavalry Sword

Like the Cavalry Lance, the two weapons on a horse back. I often played as cavalry, but also i started on the horse back to reach some lone flag and then leave the horse and continue with the rifle. Kills: 124

Sawtooth Knife (Puzzle)

My 2nd melee wepaon build from puzzle pieces. I think this puzzle system was not very good, the most of the puzzle wepaons I never got after 400 hours.


Also a really brutal animation. Every weapon after the pickaxe i stayed below 100 kills.

Cossack Dagger (ITNOTT)

79 Kills. And a horse!

Combat Knife

The default melee weapon

US Trench Knife

Billhook (Puzzle & TSNP)



Welsh Blade

Raider Club (TSNP)

The weapon of the Trench Raider Eliteclass. I think it is the favorite Eliteclass since it introduction to the game. So it is also very difficult to get it. I remember playing it sometimes, but I only got 31 kills with it.

Kukri (Puzzle & TSNP)

Trench Fleur (TSNP)

Meat Cleaver (Apocalypse)

The perfect fitting weapon for the name of the last DLC.


Unlocked by killing 5 enemys with the Welsh Blade, IN ONE ROUND! I deserved it by taking care of the royale bushes on Amien.

Bayonet Charge

Everyone had to use it. Before it got fixed with one update, you where very flexible while you are on a charge and could easily run into a building, around a corner and kill the enemy. Kills: 271

Ottoman Flanged Mace (Turning Tides)

Cogwheel Club (TSNP)


This is possibly the most wierd melee weapon. Released right before In the Name of the Tsar, I think because we had to wait sooooo loooong for the 2nd DLC (21. September, 11 month after release). I hope they wont fuck it up with BFV this much.

Yatagan Sword (Turning Tides)

Spiked Club

Survival Knife

Melee Waffe for the Tanker and Pilot Class. Also for some of the Elite Classes.

Barbed Wire Bat

In memory of my beloved and rare bronce skin. I loved the shiny vehicle skins.

Hellfighter Bolo Knife

Bedouin Dagger

Compact Trench Knife

Coupe Coupe (ITNOTT)


Jambiya Knife

Dud Club (ITNOTT)

I got this one when I shot this screenshots in november 2018. I think there was a possibility that it exploded sometimes when hitting an enemy.

Trench Mace

Trench Knife

Wine Bottle (Apocalypse)

This one u could only use when you find it on the battlefield. Like a Easter Egg. Last time I checked they found 16 (!) Locations for it on different maps. Also you can unlock the Broken Bottle by killing 5 enemys with this one and it will be permanent.

Arditi Dagger (ITNOTT) (LOCKED)

This one you could only unluck while a summer event when completing three assignments and got the dogtags for that. But, it is from the Avanti Savoia War Story, so I could take one last Screenshot.

Grappling Hook (Puzzle & Truning Tides)

This one you also could get while doin the tasks in the Road to BFV.

Oh sad, this is already the last one. This is also one I never got because my squad quit playing BF1 to early because of the lack of content. You had to capture 20 flags while in a boat and perform 15 kills on swimming enemies. Hell no, that would have been great playing turning tides, buw now …


French Butcher Knive (PUZZLE & ITNOTT) (LOCKED)



Russian Award Knive (PUZZLE & ITNOTT) (LOCKED)

Naval Cutlass (Turning Tides) (LOCKED)


This one will be permanent in your loadout, when you kill 5 enemys with the Wine Bottle. Have fun!

And that’s it! I hope I didn’t miss one, but I will miss this game. And I hope they will improve the currently not so statisfying melee weapon kill animations in BFV.

See you on the Battlefield!

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